Top 10 Knives Used in The Walking Dead

knives walking deadWhile guns are the primary tools of attack and defense for most characters save for signature weapons such as Daryl’s crossbow and Tyreese’s hammer, knives are everywhere. Ammo is precious and blades are the best way of dispatching walkers at close range. A knife through the brain is a standard kill in The Walking Dead, but what are the best and most badass knives that are featured in the series? Here are the top ten knives from The Walking Dead.

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Walking Dead Knives #1
Buck 101 Hunter

The Buck 101 is a specialist folding knife used for hunting. Although it is small in size compared to the monster blades that regularly feature in the series, its dependable, razor sharp and allows quick and easy wielding, all of which are deadly qualities when it comes to close quarters combat. The Buck 101 hunting knife appears in season 1 and is wielded by Morgan Jones. When Rick wakes up in the hospital and tries to find his family but is unable to, in his inattention he is hit over the head with a shovel by Duane Jones who assumes he is a zombie. Later, Rick gains consciousness and finds himself tied to a bed by Duane’s father, Morgan, who demands that he prove that he is not a walker, even going as far as to brandish the Buck 101 and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t give him proof.

buck 101 knife walking dead

Walking Dead Knives #2
Gerber DMF Folder

A majority of the knives showcased on The Walking Dead seem to be manufactured by Gerber for some reason. The DMF is a component of the Gerber tool wrap that features in the show. The Gerber DMF is Rick’s go-to knife which he keeps on his person, and pops up from time to time in the series. In season 2’s “18 Miles Out”, Rick and Shane find and empty police station where they plan to set Randall free. They find a single zombie shuffling around the courtyard and need to lure it out towards the fence separating it from them so they can dispose of it. Rick pulls out his handy Gerber DMF and nicks his finger just enough to draw some blood to attract the starving zombie. When the zombie smells the blood and comes towards them, Rick stabs the zombie in the face through the fence.

Walking Dead Knives
#3 Gerber Hinderer

Folding knives seem to be an essential part of being armed to the teeth and almost everyone in the group has them. Easy to carry without the bulkiness of a larger hunting knife and easy to conceal in the case of capture (which seems to happen far more often than expected), the Gerber Hinderer is a weapon of convenience with its short serrated blade and longer handle for easy gripping. However, the Hinderer is too small to be a weapon capable of much destruction, but its utility makes it valuable. Just as Rick does, Shane too uses his knife to cut his palm in order to attract the rogue zombie so it seems the knife is used for the main purposes of self mutilation and zombie stabbing. The question remains however how Shane later became a zombie and whether cutting his palm with the Gerber Hinderer after using it to stab zombies led to infection.

Walking Dead Knives
#4 Spyderco Endura

The Syderco Endura is certainly dated when it comes to folding knives, but it is very light and has the useful one hand opening feature that can make the difference between life and dead when a zombie is bearing down on you. The Spyderco Endura is sported by Lori Grimes on several occasions in the series. She wears it slung on her belt for easy access but it does tend to seem like an adornment rather than an actual weapon, especially as the flimsy beaded sling that it hangs on can easily be pulled off and the knife might be lost during an attack. The knife in its folded state is also small enough that if lost, she would be unable to find it, especially during a struggle. The Spyderco Endura knife can be most clearly seen in season 2 episode 5 (“Chupacabra”) where we see it slung from Lori’s belt and she has a conversation with Rick.

Walking Dead Knives
#5 Busse Team Gemini


Daryl is a shoot from the hip kind of guy and the knife he carries reflects this aspect of his personality. The Busse Team Gemini is a no nonsense and utterly utilitarian knife, perfect for warding off a group of walkers quietly and with no need for any additional weaponry. The Busse Team Gemini makes an appearance when Daryl prepares to enter a tent and draws the knife out in preparation for a quick close quarter kill. The knife is also featured much later in season 3’s episode 4 “The Killer Within” where Daryl uses the Busse Team Gemini to dispatch a group of walkers with lightning speed and efficiency.

Walking Dead Knives
#6 Gerber Epic

The Gerber Epic is an easy to wield, compact and sturdy knife with serrated edges and a blunt tip which is primarily used for simple outdoor tasks and camping. The Gerber Epic is a part of the Gerber tool wrap shown in the series. Although it is not a weapon that a hardened survivalist like Rick would carry, Its light weight and versatility make it the ideal weapon for Carl who would not be strong or skilled enough to wield a bigger and heavier weapon. The Gerber Epic is often seen in the series hanging on Carl’s belt as a companion to his gun.

Walking Dead Knives
#7 Gerber Freeman Guide

The Gerber Freemen Guide is relatively light weight and easy to wield. While Rick is seen to carry many different knives throughout the seasons, the Gerber Freeman Guide appears in season 2’s 10th episode “18 Miles out” where Rick and Shane take Randall out 18 miles away from the farm to leave him there to his fate. When they find a building that is secure and free of walkers, despite Randall’s pleas. He doesn’t want to leave Randall completely unarmed and vulnerable due to the prick of his conscious and slides Randall his Gerber Freeman Guide so the teenage at least has the smallest chance of survival.

Walking Dead Knives
#8 Gerber Gator Machete Pro

The Gerber Gator Machete Pro is a part of the Gerber tool wrap and is the favored weapon of Glenn. It has several useful features such as the multi purpose blade which can be utilized as an axe, knife or a machete. This knife is definitely much more powerful than the switch blades and simple knives included in the Gerber kit, with the potential to knock in zombie skulls with a single focused swing. Glenn uses the Gerber Gator Pro on several occasions during the series, such as in season 2’s “Bloodletting”. The light weight and good control makes the Gerber Gator Pro and ideal weapon for Glenn who does not have the overall physical strength of Daryl or Rick, and the clean cutting blade allows him to inflict more damage with less effort.

Walking Dead Knives
#9 Gerber/Bear Grylls Parang Machete

The Bear Grylls parang Machete is a classic piece of survival gear suited to a host of different tasks that any survivalist would need to execute, such as clearing the brush and, in the case of a dystopian world overrun by zombies, to hack and chop their way into self preservation. Lori is seen carrying the Bear Grylls Parang Machete in season 2’s “Bloodletting” when the group go in search of a missing Sophia. However the machete doesn’t seem like what Lori would usually carry as she is seen to be more in favor of far lighter weapons, and carries it rather awkwardly.

Walking Dead Knives
#10 Katana

Does a katana count as a knife? If so, Michonne’s katana is the best in the business. The katana is regularly featured in the series as it is Michonne’s signature weapon, which she uses for silent close quarter combat and slicing effortlessly through hordes of walkers. The katana is used on several occasions not only to kill walkers but also for amputation (amputating the Governor’s arm for revenge, amputating Tyreese’s arm in an attempt to stop him from turning). The katana is an especially valuable asset in the group’s supply runs as eliminating stray walkers quickly and noiselessly is of essence so that they don’t risk attracting more with gunshots as well as saving precious ammo.